News Archive: 2005

   .: December, 25th 2005 | Merry Christmas!

     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
     2005 has been a verry succesfull year for Lene. She made a new
     album and promoted it all around the world. That resulted into a
     big succes in China, Japan, Italy and offcourse her homeland:

     It was a good year for me too. It was the first time in all those
     years that I saw Lene preform live. That was a moment I will never
     forget. And it was even in Amsterdam! Great! And 2005 was also the
     year that my dutch Lene Marlin site became official. After all those
     years... also verry verry great!

     So, therefore I wish all of you visitors and Lene and her crew a
     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope to see you again
     next year, in 2006.

   .: October, 28th 2005 | What If video

     The new video and single from Lene is called 'What If'. The video
     has been aired by NRK1 who had the premiere of the videoclip.
     Luckely our guys from recorded the video and it can
     be donwloaded from their site:
click here.

     Lene is still on her promo tour through Asia. She already received a
     'Triple Platinum Award' for all her three albums. And she also gave
     a great performance at the MTV Music Battle on MTV Asia.

   .: September, 15th 2005 | Finished Recording Chinese Hit..

     Lene has finished recording the Chinese Hit. The song was called
     'I'm Willing To' and was originaly a Manderin song by Faye Wong.
     The song now has new lyrics and is called 'Still Here'.
     'Still Here' will be aired first in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

   .: September, 15th 2005 | Microsite a great succes!.

     Lene microsite is a succes. It has been visited by more then
     30.000 visitors and is now also listed on the
Apple site.
     You can find the microsite overhere.

   .: September, 11th 2005 | Recording Chinese hit.

     Lene is currently in the studios recording a new song. This song will be
     released in October in South East Asia and it's a rearranged version of
     a huge Chinese hit, with English lyrics and a new arrangement by Lene.
     This news is exclusivly provided by the guys from

     In an in-depth recent interview with the German website Gaesteliste-de:
     Internet-Musikmagazin, Lene is revealing the reason for the recording
     of the Chinese hit song.

   .: September, 7th 2005 | New Look/ official!

     This site has a new look as you might have seen. It's completly in line
     with Lene's new album. I also made the dutch and english version of the
     site the same. So there is no difference in color annymore.
     You might notice that there is also a link to PSP backgrounds. The PSP
     is just released in Europe (well at least in Holland) and I'm offering
     you already some backgrounds.

     Some other important news. :-) My dutch version of the site is official
     now ( It has been assinged as an official dutch fansite,
     together with That's great! It's a wonderfull gift
     from Lene and her team to me. I'm maintaining this site for almost 6 years
     now and this is a great gift word all the work.
     I couldn't be more happier. Well... enjoy the new site..!!

   .: August, 17th 2005 | Happy Birthday!

     It's Lene's 25th birthday today. Happy Birthday Lene!

   .: July, 31th 2005 | Lene @ official opening of Bislett Stadium, Oslo.

     Lene Marlin (24) had a great time in front of 15.000 spectators when
     she participated in the official opening of Bislett Stadium yesterday
     evening. Kaizers Orchestra and Sandra Lyng Haugen opened the show.
     And then, at 22:15, Lene Marlin mounted the stage.
     Lene played the popular and by now well-known single 'How Would It Be'
     to great applause from the audience.

     After the concert, she took the time to sign autographs and have her
     photograph taken together with young fans who sat in the stands.
     The popular girl from Kroken has spent a lot of time promoting her
     new album 'Lost in a Moment' this summer.
     Amongst other things, she took part in Festivalbar in Italy earlier
     in July, and in the last few days she has been both in Germany and the UK.

   .: July, 19th 2005 | Photos from Lene in Amsterdam.

     I just got back from the photostore to get the photo's back!
     I have also placed them online! I only took my analogue camera with me,
     so that's why it took a bit longer before the pictures where ready.
     You can find them in the gallery, or click here.

   .: July, 13th 2005 | Lene in Amsterdam.

     Lene gave a performance at Odeon in Amsterdam yesterday evening.
     I also won a ticket and had the change to make some pictures, which
     I will place later on the site. Lene sang six songs: 'Eyes Closed',
     'Never To Know', 'It's True', 'How Would It Be', 'When You Where Around'
     and 'All I Can Say'. And she even sang the first line of
     'Sitting Down Here' a capella. :-)

     The event was really great and I heard rumours that Lene will
     probably tour in april/ march in Europe and then she will probably be
     back in The Netherlands for two small concerts.

   .: June, 27th 2005 | Added live pictures.

     I just added some really nice pictures of the concert Lene gave
     in the Spektrum in Oslo in 2004. You can find them in the gallery.
     All those pictures are ©Kristine S. Dufey.

   .: June, 17th 2005 | Live performance in Oslo.

     Lene gave a live performance yesterday afternoon at Oslo City shopping
     centre, Platekompaniet. The miniconcert started at 16:30 and she performed
     the songs What If", "Never To Know", "How Would It Be", and
     "When You Were Around". She also signed her new album for the fans.

   .: June, 5th 2005 | Two weeks to go.

     Just a little two weeks to go and Lene's new album will be released
     in Norway. A few days earlier it will be released in Japan. This is what
     Lene says about it herself:
     " feels good, exciting and scary at the same time :-) You'll
     get to listen to the albm soon and that's something to look foward to.
     I don hink I'll get much sleep the day before it's release :-).

     There will be snippets of all the song from the new album on Lene's
     official site to listen to. Untill the day of the release.

     I have updated the site with new press pictures from Lene and all the
     lyrics from the new album are now online.

   .: April, 30th 2005 | pictures from How Would It Be video.

     I have added 35 new pictures from the How Would It Be videoclip. You can
     find the pictures in the gallery by clicking on "pictures" in the menu.
     I will also add some pictures from the live performance soon.

   .: April, 26th 2005 | lyrics from How Would It Be.

     I have put the lyrics from How Would It Be online.
     You can find them overhere: click here.

   .: April, 25th 2005 | back online!

     Lene Marlin official site is back online. It's completely annimated and it
     also has a small game to play. The site looks really great!
     There will also be new press photos on the site tomorrow.

     Lene Marlin (24) has recorded the new album in all secrecy. Not even the
     record company knew anything at all. This she confirms in tonight's
     'Først og Sist' with Fredrik Skavlan at NRK1. Lene Marlin was in a super mood,
     was shining more than ever, and celebrated the great evening with champagne
     in studio. - It's totally fantastic to finally be able to tell about the secret,
     says a brilliantly shaped Lene Marlin to VG Nett following the recording
     of the show.

   .: April, 25th 2005 | New Album!

     It seems to be confirmed by Virgin that there will be a new album from
     Lene released verry shortly. The album will be called "Lost In A Moment",
     and the first single will be "How Would It Be".
     The releasedate for the album is scheduled for June 13th and the single will
     be released on May 23th. Lene's official website ( will
     also be back online. In fact it should be online today!

     I will post more news as soon as possible.

   .: March, 15th 2005 | Lene is single again.

     There was an article in SeogHør about Lene's releation with Andreas.
     It seems like it ended and that means Lene is single again.

     After almost one year, the relationship with Andreas ended.
     The pop star Lene Marlin is alone again. According to what SeogHør believes,
     Lene Marlin's (24) relationship with the Oslo boy Andreas Benneche (23)
     is over. Andreas and Lene were up over their heads in love with eachother,
     and arrived hand-in-hand to the girl friend Sunniva Stordal's adventure
     wedding at Holmenkollen in January of this year.

     The previous super model is one of Lene's very closest friends,
     and should have, according to what SeogHør believes, been a strong support
     for the Tromsø girl.
     - Both friends and the record company do whatever they can to keep Lene's
     courage up, says a source that is close to the popular artist.
     Lene and Andreas have kept together for almost a year. At the pop artist's
     record company EMI, the press responsible Sara Wegge (33) is very wordly
     tight when we are asking about a comment from Lene.
     - This we unfortunately have no comment on. We never comment on the
     artists' private lives, says Wegge.

     Good friends with the ex'es
     Lene Marlin has previously had a relationship with Stian Barsnes Simonsen (25).
     The NRK celebrity moved out from Lene's apartment shortly before her
     come-back in the summer of 2003.
     Following the crash debut with 'Playing My Game' in 1999, she withdrew from
     the limelight, and was so far down that she choose to seek out a psychologist.
     - I'm so incredibly happy that I did that. It worked really well for me,
     and this is something I will keep doing, commented a fully honest Lene at
     a press conference.
     Lene Marlin and Stian Barsnes Simonsen are, according to what SeogHør believes,
     still good friends - and probably will Lene also be keeping the friendship
     with Andreas Bennech

   .: March, 8th 2005 | Still online!

     Sorry, there is still no news about Lene. This is just a small message to let
     you all know that this webiste is still alive. :-) If there will be anny
     news about Lene, then I will post it straight away. Please enjoy the rest
     of the site.