News Archive: 2004

   .: December, 6th 2004 | The tour has started!

     The tour with Lene, Bertine Zetlitz and Morten Abel has begun. It started on
     3 December in Stavanger. Tomorrow she will be in Bergen. Here is a review
     from the Stavanger concert by the Norwegian newspaper VG:

     ON STAGE: The concert was far from perfect, but Lene Marlin won the hearts
     of the audience, VG's reviewer believes. It has truthfully been a long and
     difficult pregnancy, but the delivery did go fairly well when Lene Marlin,
     finally, came out of the long and dark tunnel and stood face to face with
     the audience.
     And it sounded better than we had all the reasons to fear, when Marlin and
     the competent band opened the middle department with Sitting Down Here.
     Marlin was somewhat rusty and unsteady, but she seemed to enjoy herself on
     stage, and just put on a quite pompous edition of the melancholic Sorry,
     which in similarity to the most of the sound material is winning on its
     obvious melodic qualities.

     Pictures from the tour can be found in the gallery.

   .: November, 28th 2004 | Lyrics for "The Ugly Duckling".

     In the Bladet Tromsø of 23 NOvember there was an interview with Jacob Groth,
     a danish film music composer. He's is making a movie called "The Ugly
     Duckling" and Lene is going to write the lyrics for that movie. Jacob
     had a meeting with Lene a few months ago in Copenhagen and they we're
     discussing a possible cooperation. The movie will be launched by
     Danish eFilms in 2006.

     The Ugly Duckling is a fairytail written by Hans Christian Anderson.
     The story goes about a little duck which turns out to be a little swan.
     Everybody thinks he's ugly, but he becommes more and more beautifuller when
     he's growing bigger and turns into a beatifull swan.

     I have updated and changed the gallery. It's not finished yet. I need to add
     some more pictures. I hope to finish it in a few days.

   .: October, 9th 2004 | Lene on tour.

     Yes, it's correct. Lene will go on tour in December this year.
     There is no news about European tour yet, but she will do 6
     concerts in Norway. These are the places she will perform:

     03 December (Friday), Stavanger - Tennishallen
     04 December (Saturday), Oslo - Oslo Spektrum
     07 December (Tuesday), Bergen - Haukelandshallen
     09 December (Thursday), Trondheim - Teltet i Dødens Dal
     11 December (Saturday), Bodø - Bodø Spektrum
     13 December (Monday), Tromsø - Tromsøhallen

     The tickets are already available and can be ordered online at Tickets for the concert in Oslo can be ordered
     at or at
     There are 25000 tickets available for all concerts together.

     Lene will preform together with Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz,
     two other Norwegian artists.

   .: September, 27th 2004 | Video's are back!.

     I have put the video's back online. You can find them in the
     various section and then you can choose for video section
     The videos might be a bit slow downloading, but that's because
     they are hosted on my own server. Enjoy...

     There isn't anny news about Lene. It's still quiet around her.

   .: August, 1th 2004 | Site update.

     A small update on the website. I have changed the gallery.
     It's a new kind of gallery and it has moved to another server
     with a lot more space, so I want to offer you some audio and
     video files. I will add those as soon as possible.
     The option of adding comments on the images is gonne now.
     Sorry about that, but this new gallery suits the site better.

     Lene is having holidays at the moment with friends. That's the
     reason why it is so quiet around her. I hope she will enjoy
     her holiday and that we can soon expect some more from Lene.

   .: July, 12th 2004 | Not much happening.

     Finaly I can give you a some news about Lene. The guys from talked to Virgin/EMI Norway and this is what
     they said:

     EMI Virgin Norway's Lene representative, Gyro Leira, could
     inform us that there's not much happening with Lene at the moment.
     Or in her own translated words:
     Unfortunately, there are no concrete news we are able to inform
     about concerning Lene at present.
     We could speculate about what this really means, but all we can
     do is hoping there are plans for an upcoming concert tour,
     and that Lene could be doing some more promotion work in
     relation to the new single, Sorry.
     However, as already clearly realized from the above comment by
     Gyro Leira at EMI Norway, there doesn't seem to be much of
     anything going on at the moment.
     Things could pick up again quickly after the summer holidays,
     and we believe and hope that they will.

   .: March, 13th 2004 | Lene's concerts are postponed.

     There we're some rumours about Lene giving a tour.
     There we're already concerts planned in Paris, Italy and Zurich.
     These concerts are now postponed by Virgin.
     So Lene Marlin's tour has not been cancelled but postponed.
     The concerts have been postponed because Lene has to do a more
     promotional tour in UK, Germany, and other European countries.
     Lene needs time for the promotional tour, so it's not possible to
     give concerts at the same time. I think that her promotional tour
     might include some small live preformances as well.
     I will post it here as soon as there is more news about the tour!

   .: February, 28th 2004 | No Spelleman prices for Lene.

     Lene was nominated for Female Pop Solo Artist of the Year, but this
     award went to EMI colleague Bertine Zetlitz, for her quite successful
     album Sweet Injections. A well deserved prize for Bertine, of course,
     although we'd like to see it go to Lene for her Another Day.

     A bit suprising was the award for Newcomer of the Year, as it was
     highly expected to go to Kurt Nilsen, the World-Idol from January.
     However, this prize went to Julian Berntsen.

     The Song of the Year award went, by SMS and telephone voting,
     to Kurt Nilsen, not unexpected, although we'd hoped for Lene's
     You Weren't There in this category.

     To conclude, there were no prizes awarded to Lene this year.
     Depending on what happens in 2004, we might hope for a better
     outcome next year.

     (thanks to for the news)

   .: February, 27th 2004 | Article about forthcomming tour.

     There appeared an article about Lene's tour in the Norwegian paper Nordlys.
     We can read between the lines of the article that it's almost shure that
     there will be a tour and that Lene will certainly play in Tromsø and Milan.
     There is still nothing shure about other countries, but I hope she will
     come to The Netherlands as well.

     You will find an English translation of the article in the articles section.

   .: February, 22th 2004 | Concert(s), New Single & Forum.

     According to Lene's Italian Fanclub there will be a big possibility that Lene would
     give a few concerts in April this year. Three concerts would be given in Italy and
     the tour should start in Norway. It might be a good possibility that this tour of
     Lene will also involve other countries then Italy and Norway. But there is
     nothing defenitive about a tour yet.

     The third single of the "Another Day" album will be "Sorry".
     The normal "Another Day" single will contain two songs instead of three.
     The songs "Another Day" and "It's All Good" will be on the normal single.
     The maxi-single will contain 3 songs, which might include two great remixes
     from "Another Day". now has it's own forum. I have decided to give this site it's
     own forum and no longer share it. The shared forum was also some days offline,
     so that's also the main reason why I wanted my own forum. Please don't look at
     the colors, I have to adjust those to the site's color's :-)
     The site also "shrunk" a bit to let it fit more easily to a 800x600 resolution.

   .: February, 9th 2004 | New single: Another Day.

     Lene's new single "Another Day" wil be released in Europe on 01-03-04.
     The single contains the same songs as on the Norwegian promo:

             1. Another Day
             2. It' s All Good
             3. Faces

     Let's hope that the new single will be even more succesfull then
     "You Weren't There". Good luck, Lene!

   .: January, 19th 2004 | 100.000 visits!!

     An historic moment for today, because this site has passed the
     magic border of 100.000 visitors today. That much fans have visited this site
     since I created the first page in February 2000.

     I'm verry proud of it that the "magical border" of 100.000 has been passed.
     I shall keep running the site day after day, so perhaps we will reach 500.000
     visitors verry soon :-). Thank you everyone who came to this site and keep
     comming, because won't stop to bring you all the latest news around Lene.

     Greetz, Richard (Webmaster)

   .: January, 8th 2004 | Lene nominated for two Spellemannprisen.

     Lene has been nominated for two prizes in the categories "Best Female Popartist"
     and "Song Of The Year". These are Lene opponents:

         Best Female Popartist:
         LENE MARLIN - ”Another Day”
         KARIN PARK - ”Superworldunknown”
         BERTINE ZETLITZ - ”Sweet Injections”

         Song Of The Year:
         MARIA ARRENDONDO - ”In Love With An Angel”
         DAVID - ”Wild At Heart”
         FOLK OG RØVERE - ”Utadæsjælåpplevelse”
         LENE MARLIN - ”You Weren’t There”
         KURT NILSEN - ”She’s So High”

     You can check here for all the other nominees and all the other categories.
     The article is in Norwegian.