News Archive: 2003

   .: December, 31th 2003 | Happy new year!!

     Just a few hours to go and we will enter a new year; 2004.
     I would like to thank all the fans that visted this site in 2003. I will (offcourse)
     keep the site running, also in 2004. To bring you the latest news around Lene
     and probably a lot more. :-)

     I wish everyone a healthy, happy and musical 2004!!
     Thanks again for paying a visit to my Lene Marlin page.


   .: December, 12th 2003 | Great preformance @ Nobel prize concert.

     Yesterday, Lene performed in Oslo Spektrum for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert
     in front of 6,500 people, her greatest live performance until now.
     Lene came up in the dark and then the lights went on and Lene sung "Sorry"
     with her full band and with a full string orchestra backing her up.
     She also played "Hope You're Happy", leaving the audience enthusiastic
     about the performance, which ended at about 22:25.
     The show was really great. You did a wonderfull job Lene!!

   .: November, 18th 2003 | Tinny update.

     I've made a tinny update to the site. You can now add comments to
     all the pictures in the gallery.

   .: November, 9th 2003 | Another Day cover.

     Below are the cover images for Lene's new single "Another Day".
     This promo single will contain the radioversion of Another Day which
     will be 20 seconds shorter then the original version.
     The back cover image of the single is designed by Lene's cousin,
     Kine DÝrum. The single will be printed in The Netherlands.


     click on the thumbnails for a bigger image

   .: October, 29th 2003 | Lene @ Nobel Prize concert!

     Lene Marlin will sing on the 11th December in occasion of the Nobel
     prize for peace, won this year by iranian Shirin Ebadi, the lawyer
     which defends human rights. The prize will be awarded the
     10th December, while the concert will be held at Oslo Spektrum the
     day after. Besides Lene, will perform also the Cardigans,
     Tim McGraw, Rosanne Cash and the Chieftains.
     Program hosts for the concert will be the actor/actress married
     couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
     About 100 countries are about to broadcast the concert on TV,
     and there is a viewer potential of about 500 million house holds.

     (thanks to for the news)

   .: October, 19th 2003 | Another Day is gold!

     'Another Day' has now earned a gold disc in Italy, having sold over
     50,000 copies! Congratulations Lene!

     Meanwhile in Norway 'You Weren't There' holds the number one
     position in the radio airplay chart for the 10th consecutive week.
     It has now been on the chart for 12 weeks, and should be in it at
     least until the next single comes out. Way to go Lene!

   .: October, 14th 2003 | Another Day DVD

     The Another Day DVD is added to the records section. The information
     page from the DVD also tells you how to find the hidden photogallery
     which is on the DVD!

     I've watched the DVD today and I really enjoyed watching it. Especially
     the first section where the story behind each song of the album is told.
     Offcourse Lene doesn't reviel the meaning of the lyrics, but they tell
     you a bit about how the song was created and so... Verry nice!
     You can choose to watch Lene and the band play the song or you can view
     the lyrics. Those are the two different angles.

     There are also two bonus songs on the DVD. I have put the lyrics of those
     two songs in the lyrics section.

     I can really recommend this DVD to all of you, because it really is worth
     it's money and it gives another "dimension" to the album.

   .: October, 12th 2003 | 5 wallpapers + store

     Two new updates on the site: wallpapers and a shop! I have added 5 new
     wallpapers to the wallpaper section. Manny thanks to the creators of
     these beautifull wallpapers.
     There is now also a Lene Marlin store on the site, just click on the new
     link "shop" in the menu and you'll find some great Lene Marlin stuff.

   .: October, 9th 2003 | Lene in Italy

     Lene was in Milan today where she was in three tv-shows.
     At 11 a.m. Lene was at RAI studios for "Cd:Live". The italian people will
     see her live on Saturday. In the afternoon at 14:30 Lene was the host for
     MTV's show "Total Request Live", which was send out live from the
     Piazza Domo. And after that Lene was at Mediaset Studios to record her
     preformance for TOTP (Top Of The Pops).

   .: October, 4th 2003 | is back!!

     Good news for all the dutch Lene fans: I have put back online.
     The site has been refreshed and most of the site is translated in dutch, but
     there are a few things left that need a translation. I will do that in the
     upcomming days, so just a few days more and the site is all in dutch.

     I have ordered and received the DVD single of You Weren't There and I shall
     see if I can put some screenshots of the interview, which is on the DVD,
     online. The records section is also updated and some polyphonic ringtones
     have been added to the downloads section.

   .: September, 24th 2003 | flyers + Lene in Bingolotto show.

     A new section has been added to the various section. You can find some
     flyers overthere from Lene's albums and singles.
     One flyer is a swedish one for Another Day. It says on the flyer itself
     that Lene will promote her new album in Sweden on October, 4th in the
     Bingolotto show on the television and she will give a radiointerview on
     October, 3rd and October, 4th.

     I have also added a interview Lene had with The Raft a few days ago.
     You'll find it in the various section.

   .: September, 22th 2003 | pictures from Milan event.

     A lot of new pictures have been added to the pictures gallery with pictures
     from the event in Milan this weekend where Lene meet her fans.

     Did you know that you can send the pictures in the pictures gallery to your
     friends as an e-card? Just click on the enveloppe icon next to the scroll
     icons and a new window will open where you need to fill in some data,
     click send and your Lene Marlin e-card is on it's way!

     The DVD + CD version of Another Day is released today!
     You can order it on

     I'm still working hard on the dutch version of this site. It will be back,
     but I need some time. :-)

   .: September, 17th 2003 | Lene Marlin live!.

     Lene Marlin will do a live preformance in Oslo on September 27th. She will
     preform in the Oslo City shopping centre. This was announced by an article
     in the Norwegian Aftenposten. You can find a translation of the article in the
     article section.

     Lene is now number one in the Norwegian and Italian singles chart with
     "You Weren't There". Just three days to go before the album will be
     released. Perhaps it will enter the charts on number 1! :-)

     There are three new pictures in the gallery. They were taken during an interview
     Lene gave in a German radioshow called Einslive.

   .: September, 14th 2003 | added snippets of Another Day.

     You can download snippets from all the songs from the Another Day album
     in the downloads section. The duration of the songs is about 1:30.
     The records-section is now also updated with the You Weren't There single
     and the Another Day album.

   .: September, 12th 2003 | updated + new pictures.

     Lene's official site ( has been updated and has
     a countdown to the new album. You can hear a snippet of 30 seconds every day
     towards the releasedate of Another Day. The first song is "Another Day".
     The site is also updated with new pictures. These are pictures which are in
     the booklet of Another Day.

   .: September, 9th 2003 | Another Day lyrics online.

     Thanks to for the lyrics of the Another Day album. I have put them
     online in the lyrics section. The colors of the links on the site have been
     adjusted. They are more darker now, so you can read them better.

     The dutch version of this site will be back online soon. It will also get a
     new look. :-)

   .: September, 7th 2003 | Lene back on tv.

     Yesterday afternoon Lene took part in two tv programs in Norway, and precisely
     "Vg Top 20" on Nrk Tv and "Zone 2" on TV2.
     Thanks to Lene we can tell how things went. Lene had a new look,
     with shorter hair and looked glad and fit. Many questions, of various type,
     were asked... but Lene answered (almost) to everyone,
     sometimes also with self-irony.
     She talked about her inspiration models (U2, Alanis Morisette, Travis, Coldplay),
     of hypotetical duets (Lene has no doubts on the fact that she'd prefer to duet
     with Bono from U2) and also about the Tv show "Idol".
     Her favorite tv series is Friends, and her favourite actor is Jack Nicholson.
     Lene has showed a deep knowledge on cinema, she often watches movies,
     especially dvd's at her house. To the question referring to Stian Barsnes
     Simonsen, Lene preferred not to answer.
     Preinterviewed by Sone2: Between Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears she
     chooses the first; between Eminem and Moby she chooses the rapper.
     Sexiest guy? Brad Pitt. To impress her? A great smile and charme.

   .: September, 7th 2003 | New look for

     First of all I would like to welcome you on this new Lene Marlin page! I hope
     you will like it. I'm open for suggestions and ideas. :-)
     The rebuilding of the site is done, but there are a few tinny things which I
     need to add. I shall do that as soon as possible.
     I've also taken advantage of the rebuilding and added some new pictures and
     the lyric for Enough. I will use the statusscroller (on the statusbar) to
     tell you about updates on the site and sometimes for news from Lene.
     The news-items about Lene will be here.