News Archive: 2002

    20 June 2002

     You might noticed that you couldn't reach this site using the url That's because there was a malfunction at the company
     where the domainname is hosted. They had some problems with the DNS.
     It seemed that this site was removed from the DNS-server.'s
     fine that it is working again!

     I've also changed that fontsize from this site. I thought that this site
     is verry difficult to read when you're using a high resolution, so that's
     why I changed the fontsize.

    17 June 2002

     Article on this week's Se & Hør.

     Lene Marlin dissapeared last year and coloured her hair black after a
     psychic crack. Now she´s back, blond and happy! Took the driving licence!
     Lene Marlin (21) was shining like the springsun when she came out from
     the Carsupervision with a drivinglicence in her hand last week.
     The last year has private-drivers made her get to the places that she
     wanted, but now she can drive herself!

     I made it, I passed the drivingtest! Shouted Lene with joy when she had
     finished the driving in the middle of Oslos rushhour. Her mobilephone was
     being used a lot afterwords when she proud and happy called her friends,
     and maybe her boyfriend Stian Barsnes Simonsen, to tell the happy message.

     Psychic crack! Now it looks like the charming girl from Tromsø is on her
     way back after she has felt really bad a long time. Around two and a half
     year has past since Lene decided to be away from the spotlight for a
     while. She got depressed, coloured her hair black and disappeared totally.
     The sudden success and the attention became too much for the young artist
     and songwriter.

     I´m sorry and I have bad conscience for everything and everybody, but I
     don´t feel strong enough to explain for my fans right now.
     It´ll take time, and I need peace, said Lene Marlin to VG in November
     last year.

     The job became too hard and tough, emphasized Lene. But now is the
     friends of the cute popstar saying that her life is bright.
     The blond haircolour is back again and her smile is never far away!

     Lene is happier and nicer than she has been in a long time! Says people
     in the cirlce around her. Comeback? In the tough period wasn´t she even
     moving outside her apartment in Gabels gate in Oslo, but in the last
     weeks has Lene been observed often having fun with her friends in the
     city. Se & Hør also knows that the love between her and Stian Barsnes
     Simonsen is stronger than ever! Lenes manager, Arne Svare, said in
     the winter that Lene should do comeback in the spotlight when she felt
     strong enough. Today he won´t say anything if her comeback is coming
     soon or not. "When and where she will do a comeback I won´t say.
     That´s supposed to be a secret", he said.

    13 April 2002

     Exclusive interview with Arne Svare, Lene's personal manager.
     He replied to Franko's question about Lene's comeback.
     According to Svare, "The Lene album will be released when finished.
     That could be early next year but no guaranties". So, we have to
     wait again!

    29 March 2002

     Bad news about Lene Marlin comeback. The Lene Marlin Italian
     fan-club interviewed Lene's producer, Hans G, about her second
     album release. "We think it will be early next year" he says.
     Hans G can't give us more informations, so we don't know why the
     release has been postponed, but it's shure that it will be in 2003.
     Thanks to Hans G for this EXCLUSIVE interview.

     (thankx to the Italian Lene Marlin fanclub for this news)

    17 March 2002

     Yes, I did it again :-) I gave this Lene Marlin inter@ctive site
     a new look. I hope that you're not getting tired of the fact that I'am
     changing it again and again... I like to experiment with html and
     then suddenly there pops out a whole new site which looks greater then
     the other. But to be honest. The purple site, before thisone,
     was a temporarly site. I didn't really wanted to keep thatone for a
     long time.

     I really liked the cover of the UK version of the 'Where I'm Headed'
     single and I've had plans for a longer time to create a site with it,
     a Lene Marlin site offcourse. I've been experimenting on and on,
     but it never looked good to me, untill now. I think that this time I
     succeded in making a Lene Marlin site by using the 'Where I'm Headed'
     cover. it's up to you to say what you think of it.
     I would love to get some reactions. You can send me an e-mail or
     write a message in the guestbook if you want to give me your view on
     site. Thanks already.

     As you might now there is still no news around Lene. The new album
     should be released this year, but I've heard that it could be even
     in the beginning of next year. Yes, Lene really keeps things excited :-)
     When I was updating this site I saw in one of the chatscripts that
     Lene said in 2000 that her new album would be out in 2001 and now it
     will be 2002 or even 2003. Mhh...we just have to wait untill the release

     On the other hand I think that Lene made the right choice to wait so
     long with the next album. The succes of the first album came way too
     fast for her. She never expected that her music would be loved by so
     manny people over the world. That succes more or less 'forced' her to
     promote the album in different countries. That means she had to
     travel a lot, so she couldn't be at home with her friends and family.
     I guess she realised that she did not want it to be this way, not
     while she was at this age. She wanted to spend more time at home and
     decided (together with the recordcompany) that things should go
     different with the next album.

     That's just the way I think it went, but I don't know for shure, cause
     I didn't asked Lene about it. There is, offcourse, also a positive
     thing about the fact that the new album takes so long. The fans will be
     more and more curious, which may result in more sales. Just look at
     Natalie Imbruglia, it went more or less the same in her situation and
     her second album at least resulted in more publicity, which probably
     resulted in more sold copies of her album (in the first week) then
     the first album.

     So, I guess things are looking verry positive for Lene.... :-)

    04 March 2002

     The messages in the fans menu have been changed. I've created a forum,
     so you can post everything you like about Lene Marlin.
     The first messageboard, wasn't really a forum, so wanted to change
     that a long time ago, but now I finaly did. I hope you will like the
     new forum.

    13 February 2002

     Lene has been nominated at Spellemannprisen 2002, hosted in Oslo on
     March 1st. Lene's song Sitting Down Here is nominated as
     "Best Norwegian Hit All Times", with other 13 songs, like A-Ha's
     "Take on Me". The 'media-section' is also updated and not under
     construction anymore. You can find there two articles now, but I
     have another one which appeared in a Dutch musicmagazine. I shall
     put it there as soon as I finished translating it.

    12 January 2002

     I've updated Lene's discography with catalogue numbers and some more
     records. The discography on this site is the most complete one on
     the web. The download section is also finished now. You can download
     there backgrounds, winamp skins and some more stuff.

    07 January 2002

     It is now officially that Lene's new album will be out in 2002!
     She is in the US now-a-days planning how to promote her new album.
     She has made most of the songs herself, but has also gotten som help
     from others. Her american under-management is named
     SL Feldman & Associates, which has stars like Robbie Williams,
     Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, Coldplay, Dido. Sissel is also managed
     by Sam Feldman & Steve Macklam (SL Feldman & Associates). After the
     Norwegian Grammy awards soon to be 2 years ago, she hasn't been
     visible in the medias. She has turned down different awards,
     and the wedding of the norwegian crownprince. The attention she got
     after her first release made her take a long break, but now she's back.
     You can read more about this news on these websites:
             --> (it's in Norwegian)
             --> SL Feldman & Associates

     (thankx to Petter for wittting this news in the guestbook)

    01 January 2002

     First of all:...Happy New Year !! I have changed the site again :-),
     because you cannot view the site correctly at 800x600. Well that
     problem is over now. Everyone can view it now. I hope you like this
     new look and setup. Don't worry....I won't change the site verry
     soon again. I think I'll keep thisone for a year or so... :-)
     If everything goes well around Lene's new album then it should be
     released verry soon...