.: May, 15th 2008 | Site back online!

The gallery is back online again. Phew... finally. I haven't had time to put it back online any sooner. The problem was that some idiot hacked this site and all my others as well. So I had to fix that and that was a whole lot of work. I'm also still brainstorming about what to do with this site. It will stay online, but in what form. I'm thinking of creating some sort of wiki page of it with just information, or I will keep it the way it is. Anyway.. something to think about.

.: April, 17th 2007 | New wallpapers

The wallpaper section has expand with two very nice wallpapers, made by Vitaliy. I have also corrected the error in the lyrics section. :-)

.: March, 4th 2007 | Videos back online!

Wow... time goes fast. This is only the first update of 2007. Sorry for that, but I do have a big suprise. The videoclips from Lene are back online. Please check the video section! Please right-click on them and choose 'save as...' when you want to watch them, so it will save me bandwith. :-) Thanks.

.: November, 18th 2006 | Christmas.

I've installed a christmas theme on the website. It's snowing.
I hope you like it.

As you might know Lene has preformed in Switzerland again together with The Lovebugs. That was on saturday the 13th of December and a bit earlier on the 9th of September. I would have loved to be there, but I couldn't. Luckely the guys from we're there and they made a review about it with pictures. You can read all about it overhere.

.: September, 3rd 2006 | Geneve.

Finally some updates. :-) I couldn't update for a long time, because of the holidays, but I'm back.

Lene will perform at the Miss Switzerland show in Geneve on the 9th of September. She will perform together with the Lovebugs and there is a chance of all the fans to meet Lene!! The guys from arranged a meet & greet with Lene after the show. That will be approximately around 10 pm. More details will be revealed at this week.

A new Lene fansite has born! Raziel in Spain has created a fansite for Lene's Spanish fans. The url is Nice job Raziel! The site looks awsome.

Lene wants to thank all the fans for the great messages she got on her birthday, which was 17/08/2006. Lene got 26 years old. She spend the day having dinner with friends and had a great day. So, happy birthday Lene. I know that's a bit late, but beter late then never. :-)

Those where the updates sofar. I'll keep you posted...

.: June, 22th 2006 | Lovebugs album.

The new Lovebugs album will be out tomorrow featuring the duet with Lene Marlin in it. The duet is called Avalon and will be on the new album from the Lovebugs, called In Every Waking Moment. You can listen to audio snippets of all the songs right here.

.: May, 25th 2006 | New Duet!

Lene has recorded a duet with a Swiss rockband called 'Lovebugs'. The song is called 'Avalon' and the song will be on the new album of the band which is called 'In Every Waking Moment'. This is the first time Lene has sung somebody else's lyrics.

The album will be in stores on June, 23th. For more info about this Swiss band visit

.: April, 29th 2006 | London.

Lene has been spotted in London by one of the UK fans. She was apparently investigating a venue in London for a forthcoming concert performance. More details will follow asap.

.: April, 5th 2006 | Lene's Photoblog

Lene has made her own photoblog on It can be found in the gallery. Lene will publish her photos she made by herself.

.: March, 18th 2006 | back online!

Wow.. is back online. Great to see that they've changed their minds and that they've placed the site online again. Great!! Way the go guys!

.: March, 13th 2006 | LIAM in France.

Lost in a Moment will be released in France on April 3rd! Our French fans can finally enjoy this wonderfull album.

I was verry sad when I heard that was closed. It was such a great Lene Marlin resource with lost of info and the site also helped to promote Lene in Norway. It's still sad, but I know for myself that it takes a lot of time to maintain such a big site. This site is also big, but I still like to update and to maintain it.

I must say that we're gonna miss, but I wish Memo all the succes for the future!

.: January, 09th 2006 | Spelleman Awards

Lene Marlin is nominated for the Best Female Artist Award for her album "Lost In A Moment" in the next edition of the Spellemannprisen, the equivalent of the Grammy Awards for Norway. Lene's competitors are Ane Brun, Marthe Valle, Maria Mena and Simone. The announcement of the winners will take place during the show, at the Thalia Theatre (Chateau Neuf) in Oslo on Saturday, January 28th. Unfortunately the public cannot vote for the Best Female category: the award will be assigned by a jury.