Owned 44 milion NOK!

   Lene Marlin Pedersen is in her second year hiding from the spotlight.
   But she got a lot to live for. She owned 44.5 million NOK just
   because of Playing My Game. Totally with both albums and singles
   Lene has sold for 372 million NOK since October 12th 1998, when her
   debutsingle Unforgivable Sinner were released in Norway. That´s
   big for a girl who became famous in Norway the same year that she
   were a "russ" (Something you become when you finish school.
   In whole of May you´re just drinking and having fun just before
   your final tests) The year after Lene used to become worldfamous
   for her music.

   Maybe it isn´t that weird that Lene decided to keep away from the
   spotlight since Spellemannsprisen February 25th last year.
   Playing My Game has now soled 1,8 million copies worldwide.
   Her 3 singles, Unforgivable Sinner, Sitting Down Here and Where I'm
   Headed has soled all together 3 million copies. Since Lene is both
   artist, composer and songwriter she gets a lot of money herself.

   ROYALTY: She gets some money for each album she sells. Lene probably
   gets 12 Kroner for each album and 4 Kroner for each single.
   That means that Lene has earned: 28 million NOK.

   COMPOSE INCOMES:The composer Lene Marlin shall have 9,1% of what
   the album is being sold for. But she has to give some of the money
   to NCB and musikkforlaget for getting money to her.
   Lene gets: 9,2 million NOK.

   RADIO AND TV: Every time Lenes song is being played on the radio or
   her videos is being showned at tv, she gets a little money.
   What she has got: 3,1 million NOK.

   COLLECTALBUMS: Nobody knows how many collectalbums Lene has
   been on. Five million is a really low guess, but she gets 1 NOK for
   each album which Lene is on. That means: 4 million NOK.

   BOUGHT A NEW APARTMENT. In 1999 Lene had an income that were
   4,8 million NOK, in 2000 it was totally different. The money from
   the musicbusiness is being payed after a while and only each half-year.
   It was first in the last half of 1999 and in the beginning of 2000
   the recordsale really took of. Lene has used some of the money
   buying a new apartment. In 1999 she bought a new apartment on Frogner
   in Oslo for 1,9 million NOK. In February last year she moved to a
   bigger apartment near Skillebekk. If we exclude the recordcompany,
   musikkforlaget EMI publishing and the managementcompany Stageway
   then Tromsø and the state is the big winners. Of Lenes totalincome
   Tromsø can expect around 17% of it, 7.6 million NOK. But now it´s
   over for the income to Tromsø, cause in February this year Lene
   signed some papers which said that Lene was nomore a Tromsøgirl,
   but an Oslogirl.