After three years of total silence, "Circus Lene Marlin" is back!

   A darker Marlin returns.

   Exciting teaser.
   The new single "You weren’t there" was officially released in Italy and
   France yesterday. Now it’s playing regularly on the radio stations in
   both countries. EMI Norway have changed their minds, and will be sending
   the single to Norwegian radio stations already on Monday, one week
   earlier than previously announced. The single will be released for sale
   on August 18th.

   Five Spelleman-awards.
   This is a more mature Marlin we are introduced to.
   "This record has a darker sound than what we are used to from Lene",
   says Per Eirik Johansen from EMI records. He is Lene Marlin’s record
   director. Johansen thinks Marlin has become more rock influenced than on
   her debut “Playing My Game” from 1999. The single “Unforgivable Sinner”
   was released in the autumn of 1998, and became the fastest-selling
   record in Norwegian music history (only the recent winner from the star
   search show ‘Idol’ has beaten this record since). Lene Marlin hysteria
   broke loose in Europe, Australia and Japan. Her debut album sold
   1,8 million copies, and the sale of singles is an estimated 2 million.
   The Tromsø-girl has also won, among others, 5 Spelleman-awards,
   four Hit-Awards, one MTV award and one Honory Award from her
   hometown of Tromsø.

   U2 and Travis.
   Lene Marlin has written all the tracks on the new album herself.
   After Marlin’s own wishes was her record produced my Mike Hedges,
   who has been working with big artists like U2, The Cure, Travis and
   Manic Street Preachers.

   Promo tour.
   "Does Lene have any concert plans?"
   "No, but she will be travelling to promote the record. She has the entire
   EMI Virgin system in her back, and she is has heavy support.
   We’re currently developing a good promotion package. The response
   from Italy has been overwhelming, and the single is being played heavily
   on all the large radio stations there", says Per Eirik Johansen.
   A 45 seconds clip of the single was made available online and in radios
   yesterday. The full version of the song will be aired on NRK P3 already

   Almost cried.
   "I almost cried when I heard the clip. This is an extremely good pop-song.
   It resembles The Cardigans, but even better. It definitely has hit-potential.
   We will be playing the song in "Juntafil", which airs at 1pm", says
   Mads Bugge, functioning music boss in NRK P3. EMI Norway is really
   pleased with the positive response the single has received from the radio
   stations, both domestic and internationally.
   "This is very nice for both Lene and ourselves. We just hope that the
   rest of the album, which is released on September 22. will be as well
   received", says Johansen.

   The single is not really supposed to be played on radio in Norway before
   Monday, July 28, but because the record company is scared that leaks
   and bad bootleg versions will start spreading, they have rescheduled the
   release a week early to Monday the 21st.
   "Because of the vacations and locking of the playlists in Italy and France,
   we have been forced to release the single earlier there than in Norway.
   But out of sympathy with the Norwegian audience, we have arranged it
   so that it will be as fair as possible", continues Per Eirik Johansen.
   According to the record company will Lene not be making interviews
   herself yet.

   "Lene is working in the studio on the last minor details before the release.
   We wish to give her absolute calm to concentrate about the finish, and she
   will therefore not meet the media about the launch just yet", says Hans
   Olav Grøttheim, who is EMI and Virgin’s responsible for the Norwegian
   market. The record company has been shielding Lene Marlin since her
   retreat from the spotlight three years ago. Grøttheim has been working
   closely with Lene, and confirms that she finally is ready to meet the huge
   media-pressure and all the attention that awaits her because of her
   sophomore album. From what Dagbladet has learnt, Lene is living with her
   boyfriend,Norwegian actor Stian Barsnes Simonsen in an apartment on
   Frogner in Oslo. According to the Registry of Properties did Marlin buy
   this apartment for about 4 million NOK on May 6th this year, and her
   boyfriend notified a move to the same address on May 20th.