Hand herself over on the new record.

   Lene Marlin doesn't like to talk about herself, but isn't afraid to hand over
   herself in her own lyrics. Dagbladet has listened to her new record.
   She uses the words "me, i and you" in all the ten songs. It's about
   confidence, comfort, and about working hard. Even if Lene Marlin is closed
   in herself, in interviews, she opens up in her lyrics.
   On "Another Day", she's talking about hard times, and warm feelings.

   "I write very personal lyrics. I believe I would have handed myself over
   too much, if I didn't hide what is about me, and what is about others in
   the lyrics"
, she said to Dagbladet in August.

   About emptyness.
   Many of the lyrics are about the need to be normal.
   In the song "Disguise", it's about the need to hide herself, but also about
   optimism, and knowing that in the end, things will turn out fine.
   "Have you ever felt somekind of emptyness inside?", she sings, "have
   you ever had this wish, to be somewhere else?" and "Have you ever seen
   your face, in a mirror there's a smile, but inside you're just a mess,
   you feel far from good."

   This is what she asks the listener about, before she insures you:
   "I am okay.. I really am now."

   Melancholy and hope.
   "Fight against the hours" is about yearning, depression and a person
   promising to come, but never did. The person described in the song, is
   afraid to sleep, and desperatly sticks to the good memories, to not need
   sleep. In "Story" it's about an ending of a relationship, because of feelings
   that's changed. But the record is far from only melancholic.. Lene also
   sings about finding strength in herself and others.

   "Faces" is a love testimony, with light, bright moods and remarks like:
   "I'm okay with you.." In "My Love" there is a hopeful Lene Marlin we
   are listening to, and in "From this day", she promises faithfulness,
   support and trust. "From this day on, I will stay with you" she sings.