Lene Marlin on concerttour.

   TROMSØ: Great news for Lene Marlin fans: The Tromsø artist's very first concert
   tour is just around the corner. And most probably she'd be playing in Tromsø
   as well.

   ON TOUR: Lene Marlin will most probably embark on her very first tour in March
   or April. The tour will include concerts in Norway, Italy, and several other
   countries. Virgin's department in Italy confirms the rumours about an
   European tour to Lene Marlin's fan club in the boot country.

   There are existing plans for a tour, yes, and it's starting to get quite
   concrete, but I can't say more about this now, says Hans Olav Grøttheim
   of EMI Norway.

   Probably Tromsø
   The reason is that the details concerning the tour are not elucidated yet.
   I might say that what you're refering to from Italy isn't that far from the
   truth, he says.
   Italian websites reports that Lene Marlin during the tour will be playing
   at least three concerts in Italy just after Easter, among these in Milan
   - and that the tour is probably starting in Norway in March.
   EMI Norway can't say anything about the moment times for the tour.
   There are dates on the paper, but these are not confirmed yet, so we
   can't release anything at this time.

   Where will she be touring?
   It will be Norway, Italy, and several other countries, says Grøttheim.
   Which other countries we are talking about is not clear.
   However, the chances are thus good that Lene Marlin will visit Tromsø
   on this tour.

   I really don't know anything about it, but I will presume that she's
   put Tromsø into her plans, says Grøttheim.
   I do know she's having a great urge to be playing there.
   So the question isn't whether she'll be playing in Tromsø, but when.

   There have earlier been discussions about smaller club concerts for
   starters - will this be the format on this tour?
   I would rather not comment on that, says Grøttheim.

   Lene Marlin has, following the release of Another Day last autumn, been
   through several shorter performances in Norway and abroad with her music,
   among others the TV-broadcasted Nobel concert in Oslo. What is now under
   organizing, however, will be her first concert tour.

   (Thanks to lene.it for the translation).