Comeback for Lene Marlin.

   …and this fall she will release the new album.

   Lene Marlins comeback-plan is set. From July 28th. her new single,
   “You Weren’t There”, will be launched on the radio, and on September
   the 22nd she’ll finally release her second album, “Another Day”.

   Lene does her comeback both in Norway, the rest of Europe and in Asia
   at the same time. Hans Olav Grøttheim in EMI and Virgin confirms this.
   He is working with Lene Marlin with the final touch on the album
   everybody’s been waiting for.
   -It will take from two to four weeks before we’re completely finished
   with the album, says Grøttheim.

   The weeks before the release, Lene is still hiding from the press.
   She hasn’t spoken to journalists in person since she won four awards
   on Spellemannsprisen in February 2000.

   -There’s much, but fun work that remains, and it demands our full
   concentration. But we’ve decided to reveal something to avoid all the
   speculations, says Grøttheim. "Another Day” was recorded in London and
   produced by Mike Hedges, who has previously worked with U2, The Cure,
   Manic Street Preachers and Travis.

   -For how long has the songs for the new album been ready?
   -Some was written some time ago, while others came in the process,
   says Grøttheim.

   -Has Lene started to rehears with a band for this release?
   -She’s played live in the studio with a band. We have recorded several
   live-versions that might end up as b-sides or bonus-tracks.
   She hasn’t rehears for any concerts yet, says Grøttheim.

   He doesn’t want to reveal too much about the plans for Lene Marlin when
   she now is going to release the follow-up to her debut album from 1999.

   Conflict with her manager.
   From the day “You Weren’t There” gets released both in Norway and
   internationally, it’s a large and expensive team around her that will
   have enough to do. We hope to serve all the countries at the same time,
   but we haven’t quite figured out how we’ll do it just yet, says Grøttheim,
   who adds that they will focus on Europe and Asia first.

   VG has previously written that Lenes album has been delayed due to the
   conflict with her manager Arne Svare in Stageway. Svare said yesterday,
   when VG spoke to him, that he knows nothing about the plans to release a
   new album. -I know nothing about that, said Svare, who still is Lenes
   manager, on the paper. But Svare and Marlin aren’t on speaking-terms.

   Our artist.
   According to sources VG has been in contact with, Marlin claims that the
   contract with Svare ended on June 30th, but Svare claims that the deal
   involves one more album after “Playing My Game”.
   -I don’t want to comment on that, says Grøttheim about the relationship
   between Svare and Marlin.

   -Lene is our artist, we work with her and contracts she has with others
   is her business, says Grøttheim and continues: We wrote a contract on
   the first album without Stageway, recorded the album without Stageway
   they became a part of it all later. They weren’t suppose to contribute
   in any way with this album either.

   -We do like we always do; we work together with the artist on the album
   and then the management takes care of the business-side, says Grøttheim.