...and she's doing comeback all the time.

   Stordalstrand: In a blue house Lene grew up, and here she´s comming
   back often. She lived in that house the 6 first years of her life.
   After that the girl with the blond hair moved into the town in
   Tromsø together with her mum, dad and her big brother Rune.
   Only her grandmum Nanne Guttormsen stayed in that house. And there
   she´s still living. Last year she became 70. In that house Lene
   can rest in peace. And here she meets friends on her own age. Just
   like Lene they´re going there when it´s christmas, easter and
   summer vacation.

   325 PEOPLE
   Lene Marlin is a Tromsøgirl, even though Stordalstrand and Tromsø
   is really different. Tromsø is a small bigcity, Stordalstrand got
   6 houses and is 75 km away from tromsø. There are few people living
   in Stordalstrand, where no mobilephone can reach. The people living
   in Stordalstrand feel familiar with the rest of the Fjordarm, which
   is running out from Skarmunken and into them. Among that 24 km long
   road there lives 325 people.

   Lene rests in peace, I don´t even know if she´s here NOW. We don´t
   care that much. But I have read about her succes in NORDLYS. I have
   listen to her music too, it´s nice, but I don´t understand the lyrics,
   says Pareli Nilsen, a 73 year old farmer. The 73 year old man is
   standing in Labukt AS, the fjordarms shop and 1 of 3 meeting places.
   The 2 others are the church and the school. Labukt is on Sjursnes.
   Soon they will open a pub there too! Nobody likes to talk about Lene
   Marlin. Most of the people there knows Lene, or her parents, or her
   grandmum. They´re going to see each other in the future too.
   Lene was less shy before, said one of the people living there,
   but he didn´t wanted to have his name in the paper. The girls working
   at Labukt AS got the last words: "You can write that we are proud
   of Lene."