Lene has always loved music. Her parents saw she was very musical, so when she turned 15 they gave her a guitar for Christmas. She really wanted to play this guitar so she took a few lessons, and started writing and composing songs. In front of her friends and her brother Rune she started to perform her songs and they really enjoyed her music...

On a day in 1997 when she was on vacation, her friends called a local radio station (NRK Troms°). They told nothing about it to Lene. So Lene was very surprised to her what her friends had done for her, and they convinced her to record some songs in the studio. Later, when she again recorded a few numbers, her dad supposed to pick her up at the radio-station, but her dad couldn't, so she took the bus. In this bus a reporter recognized her and heard her songs. She spoke about ten minutes with him, and he told her that he wanted to send a tape of her to Virgin Records. He only needed her permission, so she said yes, and a few days later she was invited by Virgin to come and record a few numbers.

The first song she released was "Unforgivable Sinner". The Norwegian people really liked this songs, because it became a huge hit. It was number one for 8 weeks. It also was the fastest selling single in Norway. After this great hit, she released her debut album "Playing my game". This album has already sold more then a milion copies.

Her succes is becomming even bigger, because she released two singles in the UK. Sitting Down Here and Unforgivable Sinner. Sitting Down Here already made it to the top 10 charts.


   full name: Lene Marlin Pedersen
   day of birth: August 17th, 1980
   place of birth: Stordalstrand, small village near Troms°
   favorite artists: Alanis Morisette, U2, Verve and Radio Head
   favorite movie: Face Off
   favorite actor: Tom Hanks