Here you can find the articles about Lene which have been in the
   newspapers and magazines. Some articles are a bit later overhere then
   they dissapeared in the papers and magazines, but that's mainly because
   they need to be translated into English.

   The first article is the latest one.

    - on dutch radio. (5 August 2005)       
    - Lene Marlin on concert tour. (27 February 2004; Nordlys)       
    - Lene Marlin does her debut concert. (17 September 2003; Aftenposten)       
    - Hands herself over on the new record. (21 August 2003; Dagbladet)       
    - After three years of total silence... (19 July 2003; VG)       
    - Single could be played next week. (12 July 2003; VG)       
    - Has to go to court to get the millions... (11 July 2003; VG)       
    - From succes to complete silence. (10 July 2003; VG)       
    - Lene's new songs. (10 July 2003; VG)       
    - Comeback for Lene Marlin. (10 July 2003; VG)       
    - Owned 44 million NOK!       
    - ...and here she´s doing comeback all the time