Another Day DVD

   Another Day Release: 22-09-2003
Country: UK
01. Another Day
02. Faces
03. You Weren't There
04. From This Day
05. Sorry
06. My Love
07. Whatever It Takes
08. Fight Against The Hours
09. Disguise
10. Story

11. Hope You're Happy
12. It's All Good
13. Enough
14. Sorry
15. The Making Of The Album (documentary)

   PAL / All Region / 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound / Dolby Stereo /
   Aspect 16:9 / DVD 9 / Feature: 54 minutes - Bonus songs: 16 minutes /
   Documentary: 12 minutes / Documentary & Song lyrics multi-angle features /
   Subtitles: English, Francias, Deutsch, Espanol, Italiano, Norsk, Svensk, Dansk /
   Hidden photo gallery.

   How to find the hidden photo gallery?

   Place the arrow in front of subtitles. Now press the left navigation button on
   your dvd player (or remote). A star will appear now. Press OK on your dvd
   player (or remote) and you've found the first picture of the hidden photo
   gallery! There is another star at the left from extra and the last star is just
   above that, left from play feature. Now choose extras in the main menu.
   There are 4 hidden stars in this screen. The first is at the right from lyrics.
   Another star is at the right from documentary and there are two more stars
   above the first one. So there are 7 pictures alltogether.
   Good luck finding them!