What Am I Doing Here

What am I doing here?
I can feel no fear
I can’t feel anything
Anything at all

Do I have a meaning
Just for the time being
I feel like I’m a stranger here
I feel desperate and alone

What would the world be without me
I wish I could see
I don’t know what the future will bring
I’ll just keep hoping for the best

Hopefully it will get better
Because it really does matter
It would make the pieces get together
And make it all whole again

Guess time will bring happiness
Re-arranging all the mess
Making everything complete
Making it all worthfull again

There must be a purpose in life
Like bees building a hive
Can you tell me the purpose?
Can you give me the purpose?

Is there a place where I can find it?
Giving a clou would help a bit
I think I just sit and wait
And let it all happen…