Feeling like a ghost
That’s what I feel most
Like not really being there
It isn’t fair

I scream and shout
I also know what it’s about
Why don’t they hear me?
What do they see?

Am I not interesting enough?
Am I not tough?
What do I need to do?
So you will notice me too

Are you afraid of what I am?
Then say it, like a man!
This is killing me inside
It’s not a fair fight

I’m doing all the best I can
Wanna be a perfect man
Nobody seems to see it
Nobody gives a shit

It’s useless, but I kept trying
I’m not lying
I don’t have the energy anymore
Cuz, what am I doing it for?

Just letting things happen the way they do
Seeing the best in it too
And keep waiting for better times to come
Your not rid of me, I’m not done!

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