Toto concert Ahoy

I just got back from the Toto concert in Ahoy! I went with my dad by bus again. It was cheaper then with the car, so we decided to go with the bus. The concert itsself was nice, although not the kind of Toto concert expected. It’s hard for me to say as a die-hard Toto fan. The problem was that the music was too loud, so Bobby couldn’t exceed the volume of the music, so it wasn’t able to hear him singing. And the other thing was the atmosphere. It wasn’t that good.

My best Toto concert ever was still the first one in 1999 in the Martinihal in Groningen and the one last year in the Music Hall in Amsterdam. The other 5 concerts can’t get near to those. A really good concert gives you goosebumps and I didn’t had it with this concert, so perhaps that say enough? Annyways… I hoping for more Toto concerts and hopefully they will be better.

Pictures of the concert can be found overhere. That’s all… good night!