Products on the way.

The K&N Typhoon kit I ordered from the USA is on it’s way to me! It was cleared by the customs today, so I hope I will receive it tomorrow, so I can install it. That’s not the final update on my car. I still want an under spoiler for the front bumper and a shortshifter from TRD. The under spoiler was only mounted on the japanese Yaris; the Vitz RS. And one more thing, if I have the money I would really like to buy a Yaris Turbo. It was only sold in Switzerland and Poland. The engine is the same although it has a Turbo, so it has 150 bhp instead of 106 bhp (like my car).

My Powerbook G4 also has a problem I need to solve. The battery doesn’t charge anymore. I’ve ordered a new battery, which I received today, but thisone also doesn’t charge. I found a few tricks on a website which I will try. Hopefully it solves this problem.