New computer.

My old computer was giving blue screens all the time, so I was sick of it and bought a new computer. I didn’t want to yet, but I had no choice. First I wanted to buy a Core 2 Duo from Intel, but AMD’s Athlon is much cheaper. AMD is upgrading socket AM2 to AM3, so that was also a reason to choose for Intel, but I wanted to upgrade cheap. That’s why I bought the AMD, an AMD Athlon 4000+ X2. Together with that I bought an Asus M2N, 2 Gb of DDR2 800 Mhz memory and a Antec Sonata III case.
This Antec case is extremely quiet, you can only hear the big fan in the back humming, but it’s much more quiet then my Shuttle Barebone. Altogether I’m happy with the new stuff. Hopefully I will last longer then the Shuttle, so no Shuttle barebone for me… 🙂