Football match.

I’ve been to a football match this weekend. Never been to one before and I must say it’s great. I certainly would like to go to another one again. Only in summer, not in the winter again. It was verry cold yesterday. The match itsself was great. Offcourse the home team won. 🙂 But the last goal was made in the last minute, so it was excitement untill the last minute. The ambiance in such a stadium is also great. Yeah, I really liked it.

I also need a new fence. It was very windy yesterday evening and the fence between my neighbours and my house has blown away. It just snapped. So now I have an open connection with the neighbours. 🙂 The neighbours already told me that the fence was rotten, so they we’re not suprised if it would snap now or then. So yesterday it did. A lot of noice offcourse. Now it’s lying on my side. So we have to see how and then to replace it. Hopefully it will not cost too much. But it will be a 50-50 deal offcourse. 🙂