New House!!

Recently I bought a place for my own. My very own house!! I’m very happy with it. It is such a wonderfull place and a nice house to start with. Everybody wo has seen the house from the inside were amazed by it’s space. There is also a pretty big garden with the house. A nice big backyard.

The house was an ex-rental house, so there is nothing on the floor. We also need to paint some things… eh… well actually a lot, because the former owners smoked quite a lot. That resulted in some yellow/brown walls. 🙂

We have painted almost all the rooms now. The livingroom has been painted, so the walls are white now. That looks a whole lot better. The kitchen has also been painted. We are now working on the stairs. These need to be painted also… green. This saturday the new floor will be installed. I can’t wait to see the whole groundfloor finished. After that I can move my stuff to my house.