New Car


I have sold the Starlet. I now have a new car. Another Toyota. This time a Yaris, but not a normal one. Thisone is a Yaris T-Sport, which means it got 106 horsepower and it does 0-100 in just 9 seconds. I’m riding in it for about 2 weeks now and I must say it drives great. Better then the Starlet. The 1.5 engine in the Yaris is great, it drives verry smooth, wetter you want to drive fast or just normal.

I also love the color. I wanted to have a T-Sport in the color blue or red, not that boring gray. And suddenly thisone appeared. I went to the dealer to make a testdrive in it and I was sold straight away. Offcourse it also has airco and this Yaris also has cruise control. Cruise control is very handy when driving on the freeway. The previous owner added it to the car. 🙂 I’m not having any plans to add anything to the car. Perhaps a new radio, but not a lot of stuff like I did on the Starlet.

I also made some pictures of the car. They can be found overhere or in the cars section. The photos are not up-to-date anymore. 🙂 The wind screens things on the side of the car are gone now. That looks so much better…