Toto live for the 7th time.

Yeah.. Toto was great yesterday. I saw them live for the 7th time and it stays fun. I love going to their concerts. I hope there will be a lot more in the future. Offcourse I will buy the dvd from the upcomming concert in France. This concert was in the amazing Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. The setlist was different from the one in Ahoy last year… luckely. They placed a lot of songs from the Mindfields album and some other songs, like The Gipsy Train. Wonderfull!! Some people didn’t know these songs, but I know them all. 🙂 Yeah, I must be a die-hard Toto fan. 🙂 Anyway.. offcourse I made some pictures, they can be found overhere. I also made a few videos, but the sound of those is awfull sadly, so they are not online.

Update: There are some photos online of the concert. They can be found overhere.
I wrote a review about the concert which has been placed on the Toto website overhere. The first one is mine.