iPod Shuffle

My gadget collection has expanded today. I bought myself an iPod shuffle. The new iPod shuffle to be exactly, a blue one. I was in doubt about the blue, the orange and the green version, but I took the blue one. It’s much more handy to take with me when I go cycling or so. The shuffle part is also funny because I now hear songs I never heard before. You can choose to let the shuffle pick random songs from your iTunes library or you can manualy put songs on it. I choose for the first option.

This shuffle holds about 240 songs (there is 1GB of memory on it) and it comes with a mini dock, the new Apple headphones and offcourse a manual in the package. You can also buy it in orange, green, grey and pink, besides blue. You need the dock to put songs on the shuffle, because the data is put on it through the 3.5″ mini-jack connection. You can also use it as an USB stick and put data on it.

My first impression is that it is a great, awsome device and those new headphones are great. Much better then the old ones. They are in fact ‘hanging’ in your ears instead of pushed into your ears, which is much more comfortable. And the sound is also great. Yeah… Apple did a great job on this…. 🙂