This was a weird week.

Yes, it was indeed. It started last Thursday. That day my mother was hit by a car on her bike. Luckely my mother was ok, but her bicycle was broken. Then later that day when I was at work in the afternoon an accident happend right in front of the building I work in. That was pretty strange. I was at work and suddenly I heard squeaking brakes and hard bang. I looked up and saw the two cars crashed. The persons involved with that accident were also ok. An ambulance came, but one person only had a small cut on his head. He walked out on the ambulance a few minutes later.

Then firday. I came home a saw something laying at the back of our house covered with a blanket. Our cat was lying under it. She was hit by a car. The same cat I talked about on the 22nd of October. It’s really sad, she was such a nice cat a just a year old. The cars are always driving very fast, to fast, on the road in front of our house.

So pretty much happened this week…